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Standing at the Centre of Your Own Circle: The Elementals of Engaged Shamanism

An inspiring and practical Course focused on the elementals of Engaged Shamanism run by Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan. The course has been professionally filmed & edited & is designed to deepen your capacity to connect with the powers of nature inside & around you, engage your creativity & strengthen your sense of who you are. It consists of 7 modules of 5 parts each, which you can work with at any time & in your own time to fit easily into your schedule.

The Shaman’s Drum

Ya’Acov has been working with the shaman’s drum for more than 25 years. In this course, he shares some of the fundamentals of working with the drum as well as guiding you on a shamanic journey to meet the apparently opposite powers of the jaguar and the butterfly.

First of all, this is a professional course! My compliments! So good to hear the context of your medicine. And it is very practical and down to earth! Going to explore the earth meditation in daily Life, to be more aware of the medicine of my body! The little girl in myself desires more freedom in daily Life! The woman in me wants to share her medicine with the World! Time to stand up, to be rooted in my body and to spread my wings!




Odet Sleeswijk

Course Participant

I find this online offering to be such a perfect thing for a busy mama like me! A single parent, who is not able to leave for a workshop. During the first module I felt that something shifted. Having a flat on the 7th floor made me work hard on visioning putting roots down. Somehow, in connection with the sky and the trunk, I could feel joy. Joy from the sun and the winds, joy from the river that flows nearby and the roots were easily penetrating through the soil, making their way through the hard rocks deep deep into the ground. Joy from having this offering in my kitchen. What a relief, I tell you!




Maya Love

Course Participant

What impresses me most about Susannah and Ya’acov is the irresistible sensation that they really live their work. It has a dynamism and an integrity that can only flow from the willingness – and the courage – to use their own lives as a research laboratory for their teaching. What this offers to their students is tremendous freshness and real honesty, together with the feeling that change is always possible. Add their sharp eyes and their quick wit and the result can be electrifying.










Christopher Sheppard


Thank you so much for the Shaman’s Drum course Yaacov Darling Khan. Just watched the final on a coach en route to Heathrow-bridging .worlds of the practical and the magic. Really enjoyed the clarity, passion and groundedness of your teaching. Hope there will be more of these short courses. Much gratitude.



Petra Bongartz

Course Participant

This course is brilliant. I have been a drum maker for over 20 years and can say that working with the drum has changed my life forever. Yacov’s teachings are clear and practical and filled with a depth that can only be reached by dedicated and surrendered practice. His way of teaching reaches the heart and made me pick up the drum and join him right away. Anyone that follows this course will find a path that leads straight into the essence of this ancient way of the shaman’s drum.




Roel Crabbe

Course Participant

I want to give thanks! I find this course so nourishing! I love the clear structure, the breaking down in pieces, the visual combined with audio. It really helps me so much to understand and to be able to take the information in. I love that I can go back to any of these modules at any time to revisit to remind myself and remember. I love to be able to choose when best to do this.
To make this conscious choice of one hour or more to myself to travel deep in order to be more alive, more spacious, more conscious…




Johanna Stromeyer

Course Participant

I did the Journey twice and had both times wonderful reconnections with earth and sky, with my heart and body and four elements. I also had great joy to paint afterwards and this moment with my own inner artist was deeply encouraging for my daily life. I will do this Tree of life journey often at home. I feel held and protected in the space you create. Thank you. I admire your precision, creativity and care to bring forth this new way of teaching and holding space.




Kristin Glenewinkel

Course Participant